Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum Card

Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum Card Standard Chartered

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  • Standard Chartered FlexiPay offers a fixed payment term of 12 months at 4.99% on any retail purchase over RM500. No penalty fee for early payment
  • Attractive 10% cashback on your retail spending nationwide. Subject to minimum spend of RM500
Apply today and receive either a Trolly Bag or a Powerbank and RM50CashBack - Read More

Credit Card Review


The Standard chartered JustOne platinum card comes with a range of rewards an offers, most notably is the petrol CashBack. With just a retail spend o RM2500, insulting RM 700 on petrol and receive get up to RM70 petrol CashBack a month—that's RM840* in savings a year to spend on what you want - Review brought to you by Enjoy Compare

Detailed Description

Trolley Bag/Powerbank + RM50 CashBank Terms & Conditions Excerpts: 1. Campaign Period: 1 April to 30 April 2014. 2. For applicants who have not held a Standard Chartered Credit Card whether as principal or supplementary cardholder, within the past 6 months before applicant's credit card under this campaign is issued. 3. Eligible customers must apply for a JustOne Platinum MasterCard Credit Card, submit relevant documents online, have their application successfully approved all within the Campaign Period and successfully activate their card within 30 days from card approval date. 4. Each successful application is eligible to choose either to receive a Trolly Bag or a Powerbank and RM50CashBack. 5. Gift limited to first 1000 successful customers. For full Terms & Conditions, please click here.


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