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UOB Home Loan UOB

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  • Benefits & Privileges

    Flexible repayment options
  • Loan Period

    Up to 35 years or 70 years of age
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UOB Loan
  • You can withdraw surplus cash from your prepaid amount, anytime you want, for emergencies or any other reason.
  • You can pay at your convenience and choose to make monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily repayments.




UOB Home Loan comes with a lock in period of 3 years and an early settlement penalty fee of up to 2% on your outstanding loan amount if you complete your loan repayment within this period. UOB offers 4 distinct semi-flexi and full-flexi home loan packages with a varying degree of flexibility in terms of cash access and repayments. UOB’s iNTELLIGENT Home Loan features flexible repayment options and offers you an interest only option for the first 2 years. Repayments can be made on a daily to monthly basis. Payment holidays can also be requested during heavy-spending festive seasons or during emergencies.

For preferred customers, a Premier version of this package is available offering a more personalised service. Both packages allow an accompanying overdraft facility which comes at the cost of higher interest rates, and an annual facility fee of RM120. UOB’s Flexi Mortgage is a full-flexi home loan that allows you to make payments in excess of the instalment amount in order to save on interest at anytime. With a linked current account, Flexi Mortgage allows you more flexibility in making extra repayments, and convenient withdrawals as and when cash is needed. The Flexi Mortgage facility also automatically converts into an overdraft facility once 70% of your principal amount has been repaid.

With an UOB home loan you can secure up to 95% financing, inclusive of MRTA (provided the policy is purchased from Great Eastern Insurance). The maximum loan tenure is 35 years (in accordance to the latest ruling by Bank Negara Malaysia) or until the borrower reaches 70 years of age, whichever is sooner.

Lender Details

United Overseas Bank ("UOB") was incorporated on 6 August 1935 as the United Chinese Bank. Founded by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, the Bank catered mainly to the Fujian community in its early years. The change of name was effected in 1965. Over the past 76 years, UOB has grown from strength to strength. Through a series of acquisitions, it is now a leading bank in Asia. Besides Far Eastern Bank in Singapore, UOB’s major banking subsidiaries in the region are United Overseas Bank (Malaysia), United Overseas Bank (Thai), PT Bank UOB Indonesia and United Overseas Bank (China). Today, the UOB Group has a network of over 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

About UOB (Malaysia)

UOB (Malaysia), a subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited ("UOB"), was incorporated in 1993.

UOB (Malaysia) took over the Malaysian operations of Lee Wah Bank Limited ("LWB") in 1994. LWB was incorporated in Singapore in 1920 and opened its first Malaysian branch in 1956. In 1973, LWB became a wholly-owned subsidiary of UOB.

On 7 Jun 1997, UOB (Malaysia) merged with Chung Khiaw Bank (Malaysia) Bhd ("CKBM"). UOB (Malaysia) and Overseas Union Bank (Malaysia) Berhad merged into one legal entity on 2 Feb 2002. Today, UOB (Malaysia) operates 45 branches throughout Malaysia, making it the foreign bank with the largest branch network in the country. UOB (Malaysia) offers an extensive range of commercial and personal financial services through its branches, subsidiaries and associate companies: commercial lending, investment banking, treasury services, trade services, cash management, home loans, credit cards, wealth management, general insurance and life assurance.

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